Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Katonah and Martha Stewart Update

A few months back, Marty Schwimmer posted about the uproar in Katonah, NY about Martha Stewart's attempt to register the mark KATONAH for indoor lighting, paints, home furnishings, and furniture.

The town expresses concern as to the effect that Martha Stewart's ownership of the KATONAH trademark. However, there will be no effect. The local businesses will continue to be able to truthfully claim that they are located in Katonah, even the furniture stores. They, like us, however, will not be able to use KATONAH as a trademark for the goods covered by Stewart's registrations. So, in the end, it's a good thing.

Now comes this news report about the Katonah Village Improvement Society's vote to "authorize its trademark committee to take whatever action it deems necessary regarding Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia's proposals to use the hamlet name for lines of furniture, paints and other homemaking products." The article further said that the vote authorized the trademark committee to file an opposition to the trademark application and authorized spending $200 toward legal cost.

In addition to the Katonah Village Improvement Society, the following entities have filed for extensions of time oppose: Katonah Architectural Hardware Limited, and Katonah Paint & Hardware, Inc.