Thursday, April 12, 2007

What is Electix?

What is Electix? That's what the site asks. The site will reveal what electix is on July 21, 2007. In the meantime, it conducting a contest to win 1 in 20 of the main product or service which 'electix' will offer visitors.

Okay, I'll take a stab. I searched the USPTO, WIPO, EU, and UK trademark databases, but did not come up with one hit on the exact search for ELECTIX. So moving on, I checked out the whois record. The Registrant Contact info is Firebath Music and Mark Newby or Manchester, Great Britain. So maybe the company has something to do with the concert and event ticket business, hence the "tix" at the end. But alas, maybe I'm wrong because advert-eyes says that the site was created by advertising agency Firebath Creations whose studio manager is Mark Newby. But, also advert-eyes says that Firebath's client is Garcon Limited. As does electix's privacy page.

So just who is Garcon Limited? It appears it was created on February 21, 2006 with an address in Leeds, West Yorkshire. Or is it Le Garcon Limited? This is pretty much a dead end, since I don't want to pay for corporate documents for a little fun investigation.

Turning back to electix, I googled it (um, sorry, I performed an internet search for the term electix using the Google search engine). Looks like a test forum with the title electix was created on March 21, 2007. There's a manufacturing company from Connecticut by the name Electix, Inc. It's most likely not the right one. It's a band from the UK. It's also the name of a Pakistani company. But, at least potentially troubling for Garcon, it's the name and trademark of a site claiming to be "The Ultimate Gadget Site" from The Netherlands.

It appears Electix has done a good job in hiding what they aim to be. So I guess, your guess is as good as mine.