Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Blawg Bracket

Inspired by the Brand Autopsy's Marketing Bloggers Bracketology post, I decided to put up a bracket for blawgs, i.e. legal blogs. This is for entertainment purposes only, so please, no betting.

Anyways, the blogs that I included are those that I'm aware of, or of blogs that were linked to from other blogs. Of course, I'm certain that I've excluded some very fine law blogs, and to those blogs I apologize.

I determined ranking by way of the number of links each blog has on Google. For example, the number one ranked blog, The Volokh Conspiracy, has 39,800 links to it. Enjoy.

UPDATE: By the way, I purposely left out TMBC, which would have been a 16 seed in the East with 144 hits. If that were the case, I'm sure I would have been thoroughly trounced by Professor Bainbridge.

Blawg Hits Seed
The Volokh Conspiracy 39800 1M
lessig blog 26400 1W
Professor Bainbridge 19700 1E
Balkinization 14500 1S
Over Lawyered 11800 2M
Scotus blog 11300 2W
Freedom to Tinker 10400 2E
PrawfsBlawg 8140 2S
Bag and Baggage 7710 3M
Ernie the Attorney 7440 3W
Point of Law 7030 3E
Concurring Opinions 7010 3S
WSJ.com Law Blog 6720 4M
Be Spacific 6240 4W
Copyfight 5520 4E
LawMeme 5090 4S
JURIST - Paper Chase 4770 5M
Dennis Kennedy 4680 5W
Susan Crawford blog 4650 5E
The Patry Copyright Blog 4000 5S
Above the Law 3720 6M
Adam Smith, Esq. 3610 6W
Blawg Review 3430 6E
The Legal Reader 3410 6S
The Trademark Blog 3400 7M
Sports Law Blog 3370 7W
Patently O 3130 7E
May it Please the Court 3100 7S
Appellate Law & Practice 2620 8M
Silicon Valley Media Law Blog 2370 8W
Arbitrary and Capricious 2290 8E
bIPlog at boalt.org 2020 9S
I/P Updates 1970 9E
Technology & Marketing Law Blog 1840 9W
GrepLaw 1830 9M
Law Pundit 1790 10S
IPKat 1720 10E
Likelihood of Confusion 1520 10W
The Barrister Blog 1410 10M
f/k/a … 1300 11S
InHouse Blog 1290 11E
Internet Cases 1150 11W
Consensus at Lawyerpoint 1100 11M
Info/Law 983 12S
Counterfeit Chic 850 12E
Florida Intellectual Property Law Blog 800 12W
The Invent Blog 784 12M
271 Patent Blog 748 13S
The TTABlog 663 13E
43(B)log 626 13W
Mass Law Blog 325 13M
Have Opinion, Will Travel 320 14S
Academic Copyright 301 14E
The Becker-Posner Blog 234 14W
Guiding Rights Blog 223 14M
Erik J. Heels 184 15S
Now, Why Didn't I Think of That? 181 15E
Inside the Firm of the Future 175 15W
Human Law 160 15M
Photo Attorney 148 16S
Canadian Trademark Blog 129 16E
ICANN Watch 82 16W
Seattle Trademark Lawyer 74 16M
Likely to be Confused 41 Bubble
Legal Fixation 36 Bubble
Cobalt 32 Bubble
Patry Treatise Blog 23 Bubble
Golf Patents 22 Bubble
Bridging the Gap 0 Bubble