Friday, March 9, 2007

A Plea for Help - In a Press Release

I'm not sure a press release is an appropriate place for one seeking help in a TTAB proceeding, but Kent G. Anderson of apparently thought it was. The title of his release? Because I don't have enough funds, the Brand FUTURE and people's rights will not be equally represented in the oppositions by Pep Boys.

In one instance, Mr. Anderson applied to register the mark FUTURE in class 041 for:

Country clubs, not including golf club services; night clubs, yacht clubs, fan club services; health club services namely, providing instruction and equipment
in the field of physical exercise, wrestling clubs, sports clubs for football, basketball, racing, baseball, and boxing; providing various facilities for an array of athletic events not including golf; special interest clubs in the field of automobiles, aircraft, and land craft, entertainment, finance, transportation, education, inventions, business operations, going to restaurants; music entertainment clubs for amateur musicians

The Pep Boys Manny, Moe & Jack of California opposed the mark citing its registration of FUTURA in class 012 for "automotive accessories, namely, vehicle wheel caps and hub caps."

The Pep Boys and Mr. Anderson are not strangers in the TTAB.

In Mr. Anderson's press release, he says he needs help and support in fighting the Pep Boys. Further, "I'm looking for a law firm to represent me and the Brand FUTURE's rights in exchange for equity ownership." The press release contains his home number for interested attorneys. My plate is full right now.

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